September 11

This post is a week over due. But I wanted to write something special because 9-11-01 was a day I will never forget. I had relatives scheduled to be on one of the flights that had been intercepted, and I know people who fled business meetings because they had a prompting it was not safe to remain in the buildings any longer. I have listened to first hand accounts of the events of the day from people that I know on a personal level. I also remember the fear of living near Los Angeles and the rumors of strikes hitting the major city within the subsequent days.

September 11, 2001 is a day no patriot will forget living through. But what many people forget to see is that through all the terror- through all the fear- God was watching us that day. God was watching Americans rally together and find a cause worth fighting for. Yes there was devastation, and yes there was tragedy. But our country also saw the miracle that God gave us of finding hope through the chaos. Lives were destroyed and families were torn apart. It is no day that we want repeated and it is certainly not something we should cause us to lose our faith. It is a day that we should look at and remember that God is good. That even when we are living in the darkest of times, that there is still a blessing to be found. And until the last believer loses faith, God will not remove miracles from this earth. He will be there to give us strength to continue.

My prayer is that as we remember 9/11/01, we also remember that in the midst of such evil, we found faith and courage. We should not remember that day because of the atrocities that took place, but because of the realization that we had that there is still great horrors in this world and that only through God can the darkness be changed to light.

In the remembrance of a day so marked by fear and turmoil, may you find your courage and faith to keep moving forward and stand up for the truth and Light of the World.


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