Living in the Now

Sometimes we get caught up in the thick of thin things, we forget to live for the day we are in, and we take for granted the blessings God has given us. It’s important to be ambitious and to work to improve our lives- but we can not afford to sacrifice what is happening in the here and now, for what is just a possibility tomorrow. Yes, we need to plan for the future. Yes, we need to make ourselves ready for the struggles yet to come. But we can not allow ourselves lose sight of the good we have now. We must show our gratitude to Him by living in the moment. 
What tale will we have to tell, at the end of our lives, if we don’t make the time to be where we are and live for those blessed moments?
God gives us opportunities to make memories. He wants us to find joy. Sometimes it takes a little work, but what blessings we will receive when we look at the Father and tell him we did our best and learned from the trials He set before us. 
We must exhibit faith. Faith is a verb. It is not something that you posses once and are done with. We must show the Lord that we are devoted to His work. 
We must try our best to be His hands. But we can not do that if all we ever do is think about a moment that we do not live in.
 May you find strength in the Lord- in His timing.
May you nurture your faith and find peace in His works.

Let God bless you and comfort you.


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