Contact Paper

Recently I got my own kitchen. 
However, It needs a little TLC before I will feel comfortable stocking it 
and cooking more than simple microwave meals. 
One of the first projects that needed to happen was putting contact paper down in the cupboards. 
The reason I chose contact paper is because it is easy to put down and it provides an easier surface to clean than the exposed surfaces of the wood. It also looks nicer than the plain dingy brown.
The first step is to remove the drawers you want to work on

Next clear them out and make sure there are no large pieces of debris, rocks, or food

Above show the materials I used to clean the draws. I found bleach works well to get them clean, then after they are dry pine sol is good to condition the surface.

Wipe down the surface and be sure to not leave any grime. 
Thoroughly  clean it and let it dry completely.

The next step is to measure out the contact paper. Every surface is different, so I suggest making the length about an inch longer than you need as it shrinks once it is applied, and it can always be cut.

Peal back the corner of the backing on the contact paper and slowly, carefully remove it.
Center the paper and lay it completely flat on the surface. Make sure to press it down from the center to the edges, to ensure that there are no air bubbles between the paper and the surface. Air bubbles or left over grime will cause it to peal so it is important that the surface is clean and the paper is secure.
To clean, you can use kitchen wipes, surface cleaner, and it is for the most part water tolerant. 
I hope that this short tutorial will help inspire you if you need ideas for improving a kitchen that you can’t afford to renovate. The key to a smoothly running kitchen is clean and organized , not expensive or overly messy. Make sure items you use consistently are located in a practical location and always put away, washed, and in the same place after every use. Remember it’s always easier to do a little work everyday than a lot of work in one sitting. A clean kitchen will also keep everyone in better spirits. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a healthy heart is a happy heart!
May you see God’s blessings today!

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