Fun With Crayons

A couple of months ago, for a home school lesson my mom was doing with my younger siblings, we made new crayons out of old broken crayons.
If you are anything like my family, after a couple of coloring pages, there always seems to be a broken crayon or two. I thought it would be a tutorial, on how to reuse the broken crayons. This is one way to save a bit of money and can reuse the materials that you’ve already purchased.
Step 1: 
Gather all the broken pieces in the bottom of the crayon bucket.
 Strip them of their wrapping and sort them by color.
 Step 2: 
Preheat the oven to about 200F.
Line a muffin tin (any size we used a standard) with tinfoil. 
Leave enough foil to cover the edges so that the wax doesn’t stick to the pan after you are done, 
and so that you can remove the new crayons once they are cool.
Place the broken crayons in the foil lining.

Step 3:
Place the tin in the oven and keep a close eye on it. 
The timing isn’t always exact. 
Sometimes it can take five minutes sometimes ten, sometimes more.
You just want the wax to be completely melted. 
Don’t let it boil because that will bring about air bubbles.

Step 4:
Once the wax is melted, let it to cool.
Don’t touch the new crayons until it is completely set.
After the wax is solid again, remove the tinfoil.
These new crayons can be used as soon as they are solid. 
 I hope you found this helpful. It is truly a fun project to do with little kids.


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