A Handmade Christmas Gift

Are you in a last minute rush for Christmas gifts?
Are you completely overwhelmed because you can’t find ANYTHING worth while with the little amount of money you can afford to spend?

Why not make a gift for someone?

I know. I said it. The dreaded home made gift!
“NO NO NO. I will not be the one to give the wretched ‘Christmas Sweater’, the ugly pink bunny suit, this dispropotionate ‘I think it’s supposed to be a…ooohhh Now I see it…gee thanks…’ ” Is probably just what went through your head.

But do not fear! There is a lot more you can give than a stale, hard-as-a-rock fruit cake, or a dispropotionate scarf.

In today’s world of crafting, there are many resources for homemade gift guidance. Granted. some of the resources that you will find on the internet are strange and completely unrelated to anything that you and your loved ones are possibly interested in. However, much is available of true quality.

There is a deeper sentimentality involved in giving a gift that you have made. A part of your time, energy and spirit is intertwined with what you give. People are often touched more by the simple treasures of time and love than they are of the expensive item that was aimlessly bought at the department store.

Some suggestions for easy gifts:

  • knit/ crocheted hats, toys, scarves, mittens, blankets- this may sound like an impossible task, but once you learn the basic crochet stitch, you can make almost anything. The same can be said for the knit and purl stitches. the links below lead to free knitting and crocheting patterns.


  • quick sew patterns the link below features many free and easy sewing patterns


  • fleece blankets – super easy! all you do is buy the fleece and cut it to the desired size! our family has a tradition. Mom cuts the fleece for blankets and each year the kids get a new blanket. Fabric stores typically have incredible amounts of various patterns ranging from princess to college prints. if you are feeling adventurous, you can cut the edges in about 2-3inches in and 1 inch across- this allows you to tie, lace, or leave as a decorative frill

  • Hand embroider/ embellish an article of clothing, pillow case or handkerchief. learning a couple basic stitches can create beautiful gifts.

the above link has a section with video tutorials of a great number of stitches.

  • do you have a signature dessert that everyone raves about? mass produce it and give it as a christmas gift! everyone loves homemade goodies.

  • decorate glass ornaments. they are relatively cheep and you can fill them with all sorts of wonderful decorations and designs. people love recieving beautiful ornaments, and if they are handmade they are all the more special.

this blog is centered around creating ornaments. maybe you can get some ideas and start on your own beautiful creations!

  • little girls love paper doll sets!


  • there are also some very fun paper toy patterns for all kids!


  • Another really good sight for simple, quick and cheap Christmas ideas is linked below


  • In need of vintage clip art?


This season is so much fun! I hope that some of these sites will provide you with some of the last minute inspiration that you need for your gift giving.

Remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday. The number of gifts wrapped beneath the tree, though fun to open, are not the true purpose for our jubilee.

May we all be able to feel the joy of Christ in the midst of such a chaotic and troubled world.


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