"Best Hot Chocowat in Da Whole Wide-Word!!!!"

The other day we were out of milk.
And one of the littles asks for a glass of hot chocolate…
We ALWAYS make hot chocolate with milk…

SO we improvised and made the “Best Hot Chocowat in Da Whole Wide-Word!!!!”(note the voice of a six year old).

What was my secret ingredient you ask? Half-and-half.

“Best Hot Chocowat in Da Whole Wide-Word!!!!”:

1 cup  1 serving size of your favorite cocoa mix  1/2 cup half-and- half   1/2 cup hot water

put the mix in the mug.
fill the mug a little over half way with hot water
and top it off with half and half.

It makes for a much creamier hot chocolate than the traditional fat free or 2%.

At our house, you can’t have hot chocolate without whipped cream or marshmallows!

For different flavors, try putting cinnamon on top of your whipped cream, or stir your drink with a candy cane!

Of course this is a very common drink to make during winter months, but it is still fun to share ideas! How does your family make warm winter drinks?

and now for some cocoa pictures courtesy of google search:

don’t those just look yummy?

If you want to give cocoa as a gift, you can also make a cocoa cone!
People love to receive hot chocolate at white elephants, gift exhchanges, or other fun events!
And they are really simple to make.

all you need is a large plastic bag such as a gallon ziptop, or a bread bag, or a cheap pastry bag.
fill it about 2/3 of the way with cocoa mix, and about 1/6 with toppings such as marshmallows, crushed candy cane, favorite candies or powdered creamer. Tie off the top of the bag with a ribbon and recipe card.

again, found on a google search…we make them all the time, but always give them away before I think to take a picture…
* zip top bags will require the zip top to be cup off before the bag is filled. Make sure to use the cheap and uniform, clear bags. The freezer bags, colored bags, and folded bags, though very useful, are not ideal for this project.


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