"The Land of the Free…Because of the Brave"

Memorial Day.

It is the national holiday set aside for those who have fallen in defense of the United States of America.  Today is marked in remembrance of every person who has given their life for ours.  They loved us so much that they were willing to die for us.  They knew that the price for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness was no small fee.  They understood that the second they put on their uniform, they became an open target for all enemies who stand against the noble cause of Independence.  The stood for our freedom, and they died for our liberty.  We must not forget those that have paid the price for our lives.

How do we repay them?  How is it that you acknowledge their sacrifice?  Is it once a year?  Do you visit the grave site of a fallen soldier and leave flowers? (Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that! Every soldier must be remembered!) But is that the extent of your regard?  Do you walk a cemetery in solemn remembrance, then leave and forget why you had even visited? Is that the depth of your appreciation?  

These men and women did not die for flowers.  They died so that you wouldn’t need to.  They died so that you are free to live your life without worry-without care- without the knowledge of every horror that comes with standing for a cause that is bigger than yourself.  They gave their lives so that we could go about our business, everyday, and have no concern for our safety.  And how do we repay them? How do we repay Him?  We spend our time idly.  We laugh at those who need our compassion.  We mock the people that we call our “friends”.  We use and abuse the people around us.  The people that have received the self same sacrifice. 

Is not this the cause that they were fighting against?  The very evil that we are at war with? Are these the actions for which soldiers, young and old, gave up their families, their joys, their pains, their lives, for?  Is this how we repay them? By taking their sacrifice and dragging it through the mud?

Is this how we repay our Savior? We set aside a couple of days every year in remembrance of those who died for us.  We celebrate Easter, Memorial Day, etc. and glorify that single day.  Yet, we forget what it means to sacrifice. We forget them every other day of the year. Unless we have been directly affected by the death of a loved one, do we remember those that sacrificed their lives for us?  Do we always remember our Lord? Do we live to honor those who died that we may have the freedom to live? Do we improve the world around us? Let this Memorial day change you if you do not already strive to honor these sacrifices. 

Act with the hope that maybe, just maybe, you can give a little back to a troubled world. With the hope that their lives were not given in vain. Honor those who died for you. Acknowledge their gift.  Respect their resting place.  Remember them. 

Do not forget that they died for you.  Do not forget that He died for all of us- every person “great” and “small”.  He gave His life in the battle for your soul. And He took up His life again in the sweet victory of a far greater battle.

Do Not Forget.


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