Something from Nothing

Have you ever had a garden?  Have you ever worked so hard for that garden to become something wonderful, and it doesn’t? Have you ever tried every method that you could think of, or find, and the plants just won’t produce?  Have you ever given up on your little garden, and come back the next year to start a fresh, and seen the plants that you had given up on growing, viable, producing?  Have you ever felt that pure excitement when you see the little green buds on your sticky blueberry plants?  The flowers on the chives you abandoned?  The sprigs on your “dead” rosemary?  The blossoms on the cherry tree that you thought had died in the harsh winter frost? 

Is that not how the Lord feels?  Is He not excited when one of His children finally accept his care and start to become something wonderful?  He sees them face adversity, trials, storms, freezes, extreme heat, and watches as they are about to break.  Then, all of a sudden, a choice is made.  The choice to continue onward.  The choice to thrive in a world that graciously provides every cause for defeat. How great is the joy of those that watch those that they care about overcome the tribulations of life. 

Are you one of those that are an aid gardener, or are you one of the beautiful plants that produces after hope has been lost?  It does not matter under which category it is that you fall.  It does not matter if you are wandering, if you are in pain, if you feel as though you will never amount to anything.  He loves you.  You are wonderfully and perfectly made.  The Lord will welcome you with all of His wonders.  He will bless you for coming to Him.  He will succor your broken heart.  However, He can only do that if you first turn to Him-give Him your heart to mend.  It is only through the act of fully turning your life over to Him, that all of the hurt, the fears and the insecurities can be healed.  Do Not give up hope.  He is ever present to lift you up.

Be cautious however.  He will not let you abuse His grace and mercy.  It doesn’t work like that.  You cannot be fairweather.  The Lord will not tolerate a hypocrite.  If your intent is pure, it will be honored.  If you are not sincere- If you do not show Him that you are true- Take heed.  The Lord will succor His people.  But they must come to Him in earnest.  They must be trying to change.  That change will not happen overnight, but the efforts must be strong in desire and action. If you have experienced this change of heart, you will understand.  If you have been truly reborn, you will understand the depth of this process.  If you have not, do not be discouraged.  Father wants you to come to Him.  If there is an inkling of desire- just as with the small sprouts and buds in the “dead” garden- the Gardener will take that life, that desire, and will magnify it.  He will make weak things strong.  He will give life to the lifeless. He is the Well.  He is Life.  Without whom, we are nothing.  He is the breath we breathe, the inexplicable joy that comes when one lives in righteousness. 

So many might be thinking, “Um I don’t have that problem.  I have faith, I try my best to be what the Father wants me to be.  I try to do more good than bad, what about me? I haven’t wandered.”  There are so many good and righteous people in the world.  They feel alone because they feel as though their efforts are futile.  If others can wander, and be accepted back into the fold, then why do they continue in their actions?  If people can have friends, fit in, sin, and still come back, why is it that I am alone?  Why is it that I’m told to be strong if it’s okay for everyone else to be rescued.  Where is my rescue?  To those of you that feel this way, please do not let go of the rod.  Do not fall away.  He is proud of you because you never let go.  You never falter.  You are the ones that are the beacons bringing His children home.  Then you may ask, “Why would God let me take the abuse that goes with being a beacon?   Why must I be in pain for those who are lost to find joy, love, friendship, peace?   Why would he use me like that?”  Have any of those thoughts passed through your mind?  If they have, don’t give up.  He loves you differently.  If you can endure your trials, you will be blessed.  Those that stay strong through adversity, His “shafts in the whirlwind”, will receive the endless blessings of the highest degree.  If you can manage to continue in your strength, even when you are alone, even when you are scorned, mocked, ridiculed, bullied, hurt, scared, even when you bury your pain so deep down that it becomes a part of you-when it hurts so bad that you forget that it exists- when you have needed to plaster that smile on your face for so many days that you are past the point of feeling that pain that you have hidden, do not stop.  DO NOT forsake the Lord.  The pain that you feel, or don’t, He will take away.  You are one of His chosen.  You are His child.  His hero.  You are one of the great ones.  You are the valiant, the elect, the only one that can completely and eternally fulfill your role.  The Lord loves you.  He will sustain you, and He will heal you. 

Whether you may be one of those that need to redirect your course, or you are one that needs to continue in righteousness, turn to the Lord.  Give Him your heart.  Become washed in His blood.  Find what it means for you to be reborn. He is the bread of life, the living water.  He the GREAT I AM.  Turn over your emotions to Him.  He will take away the hurt, and magnify the joy.  Let Him.

May you let the Lord bless your day. When He does, let His blessings do good for those around you. 

Praise Him in all that you do.

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