So, You’ve Been Put Through the Wringer?

 Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes you feel like you can’t take anymore trials.  But if you prove to the Lord that He is your focus, that He is your Life, you will overcome your struggles.  Whether they are physical or emotional, if you rely on Him, your burdens will be made light. 
Our God is a fourth watch God.  He gives us our instructions and will wait until it is time for Him to step in and protect us.  He does this for our own good.  We must pass the test before we can be rewarded- but we can’t pass His tests if He does not give us time to try.  Everything is made possible through His Grace.  We cannot loose sight of that.  Even in our most difficult moments, He is always there; always watching; always ready to help us through our challenges. 
Remember that even when you feel like you are being put through the wringer, He is there.  He may even be the one turning the crank.  But do not loose hope.  Do NOT give up. 
Just as dirty clothes need to be scrubbed and wrung out, so do we.  We are already beautiful, but He knows what needs to be cleaned and polished before we can return to live with HIM.
Feel your Father’s love.  Feel your Savior’s love.  Let that Love consume you.  Rely on it and trust in it.  He will sustain you- Through the good and the bad.  He will never forsake you.
May you see the blessings of the Lord in your life today.

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