Easter and Other Thoughts

Today as we remembered our Savior, we thought about the glorious morning when the tomb was found empty.  “He has burst His three days prison” (LDS Hymns, 199).  He has asked us to “Come unto Him” everyday.  What a blessed day to remember His call.
May your weeks ahead be blessed and may you carry the Spirit of His Life with you throughout your daily activities.  Do not let the lies of the World distract you from remembering Him.


Although this video is from the musical “Wicked”, the song is a wonderful example of the impact that we have on everyone we meet.  Listen to the music, and take note of its message.  Because people know you, they will change, just as you will change because you know them.  Will you choose to change them “for the better”?  Isn’t that the message of Easter?  That Christ performed the Atonement so that we could all be “changed for the better”- that we could “be changed for good”?  Let the Spirit fill your heart, and remember that your example can and will impact those around you.


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