The Lost Art of Letter Writing

When was the last time that you wrote someone a letter?
Maybe it was yesterday, maybe it was last month, maybe you’ve never done it.

You may ask, “Why would I write a letter? Isn’t that what email is for?  Isn’t that why I have a cell phone?”.

So what is the difference between a letter and email or text?
There is a big difference.
An email is not tangible.  Although they are extremely useful and help to make life efficient, you cannot touch an email.  Unless it isn’t printed out, it can be easily deleted.  A text is the same way.  Texts are wonderful when you need to get a hold of someone quickly. 
However,  there is something special about reading a hand written letter.
If you’ve ever recieved a letter in the mail, you know the feeling. 
You know that someone took time out of their busy day to sit down, and hand write their personal thoughts, just for you. The lost art of letter writing is something that must be revived. 
The sense of intimacy that comes only through hand written letters, is lost by the bells and whistles of the digital world.

What can be learned through a letter that can not be communicated bia technology, you ask?
     Each person has a unique style of handwriting.  Digital charcaters are all exactly alike.  When in the same font, there is no difference in the appearance of the characters regardless of who sent you the message.  A lot can be observed about a person by their handwriting.  For example, if the note was scribbled quickly, they tend to be more difficult to read, and are not as uniform as characters that were written when time is not pressing.  The style of handwriting (cursive, print, etc.) can describe a person’s personality.  Girls tend to write differently than boys.  Their characters are typically easier to read when printed, and are generally more rounded.  Men tend to write hastily and their characters have a more “block-like” appearance. 
     Another thing to note is that there can never be stains on an email.  Whether they be tear stains, tea, juice or coffee stains, you will only find them on a letter that is either printed out or handwritten.  The condition of the paper used, as well as the type of paper used, tells much about the person’s intent, and activity level during the time of the writing. 

     In short, emails and texts are wonderful developments that have impacted the efficacy of communication.  But we must revive the lost art of letter writing. A hand written letter is tangible. They can be read repeatedly without eye strain caused by staring at a screen.  Handwritten letters provide a great opportunity for deeper friendships.

Remember what it feels like to recieve a card or letter in the mail.  Make someone’s day by letting them feel that excitement. If you don’t have time to handwrite one, type it up and print it off. Let someone know that you care and write them a letter. 

Maybe we can change the world…one letter at a time.

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