It’s That Time Again!

This weekend is the 182nd Annual LDS General Conference.  That means that for Latter-Day Saints around the World, Church meetings are broadcast over the radio, internet, and television. 

For those of you with primary aged children, it is often difficult to keep them entertained and still hear all of the wonderful revelation.  It was because of this issue that the Conference Packets were created. If made into a family homework assignment, due by the end of the four sessions, even the most rambuncious children will pay attention. Even if they are not used for that purpose, it is still fun to print one for yourself and fill in a word search or two.

Below are links to various activity packets.  Some are filled with more coloring activities, and some are geared more older listeners. Feel free to find the one that fits your family’s needs.
The sugar doodle sight also has other activities if you scroll down the page.

Our family prefers the packets created by the singer and author, Jenny Phillips, but the sugar doodle packets are equally wonderful.
Above is a direct link to the official Conference activities page.

How exciting to hear the Good Word spoken by the mouths of the prophets!

Enjoy your weekends Ladies, and may the Lord bless you!

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