What Do You Really Want For Your Life?

Okay Ladies,
Today is a good day to think about what you really want for your life.
Today is a day designated to remember all those who sacrificed to help establish the wonderful republic that we are so blessed to live in.  Let’s honor those sacrifices by thinking about what we will do with their gift.  The Lord has a purpose for all of us.  Whether we are meant to drastically change the world, or touch people’s hearts by the small things we do everyday. 
How glorious to be a woman. 
How wonderful to find His Love for us. 
Let today be a day to ponder about what your work is and how you are to accomplish that call.
Go forth with faith, prayer, and love for all you meet.
note: Francesca Battistelli is even more amazing live. She found her call as a Christian singer and a mother.  A true inspiration:)
Today’s Elect Ladies:
The Founding Mothers
So many times we use the term “Founding Fathers”.  I definitely believe that without those inspired men, there would not be the astounding blessing of the United States of America.  But it is said that “behind every great man is a great woman”.  This definitely rings true.  As we acknowledge the blessings that these men have worked so hard for, let us also remember that without the strength of their wives, they would not have been as effective.  It was Martha Washington that provided a home for her husband, George Washington, to return to after the horrible trial of Valley Forge. It was Abigail Adams’ ever faithful letters that helped to mold the opinions of John Adams.  She also raised John Quincy Adams to eventually become president.
Do not underestimate the power that we have, as women, to influence the men in our lives.  Our job is not to try to be the same as men, but to be equal partners to men.  We have different responsibilities that come with our
God-Given gifts.  He made us different for a reason.  The founding fathers were friends, yes, but they did not turn to their buddies when they were in their darkest moments.  They turned to their wives, mothers, their sisters, and ultimately, their LORD for their solace.  Every woman has the opportunity to bless the lives of those around her.  She must seize that opportunity before it is too late.  Do NOT let idleness take us off of the path that He has set for us.
Have a fantastic day and don’t let anything make you forget your divine role in His Plan. We must work to build each other up in His Kingdom. The world is cruel enough.  Let us not add to the struggle of others.
 It is the call of a women to ease the pain of others.  His Plan is perfect, and ours is clouded by temporal concerns.  He sees the big picture and knows what we need to learn to live with Him.    
May your day be filled with Light and Joy!

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